Meet the Trainers


Creator of the EstherTaubFitness Personal Training Business. 

Esther is a driven, skilled and determined certified personal trainer. She has been a long distance runner her whole life and has run in both half and full marathons. After earning her certification in Wingate College, Esther spent 6 years giving kickboxing classes, crossfit sessions, body sculpting classes, running group sessions, and personal training classes.

"Through my experience I developed a deep passion to help others reach their weight, health and fitness goals. Fitness education is a huge part of my life and I am always learning, evaluating and trying out the latest ideas and standard practices, so that our clients get only the best from me. I am more than ready to give my you the highest standard of fitness guidance, tools, education and motivation in order to get you those fitness results." -Esther 



Personal Trainer, Weight room and Fit Ball Instructor.


Efroni received fitness training in America from his local JCC. Upon finishing the course he was selected the center-wide fitness member of the month.


This fierce, charismatic trainer has had multiple years of fitness experience, three years of fitness training experience, and multiple satisfied past and current clients.


"I became a trainer because I knew I could only give 100 percent of myself to an area that I was truly passionate about. Health and fitness have always been staples in my life. Helping others achieve their fitness goals is incredibly important to me. I will go the distance to assure that our fitness clients are both healthy and satisfied." - Efroni



Bryan was a Personal Trainer in the US, a Strength and Agility Expert, and has been a Strength Training Coach for the past two years.

His amazing personality and extreme professionalism is a huge reason I wanted him on my team of trainers! If you’re looking to put on body mass and/or shred fat, Bryan will guide you through that process and help you achieve optimal results. 

“I approach fitness goals in a holistic manner. My main specialty is helping guys gain muscle mass and shred fat. If you are looking to get bigger, stronger and develop a more athletic physique- I know how to get you there. I will also point out that Diet and Fitness must work in tandem to reach one’s maximal health goals. Whether you want to gain mass, shred fat or build healthy eating habits, there MUST be cooperation between the gym and the kitchen. Thats where I come in: my expertise is both in Fitness and Food. I’ve been a personal trainer and strength coach for many years, AND I’ve worked in high-end restaurants and run a catering company. I want to help my clients achieve maximal autonomy over their health and figure by harnessing the power of these two realms.”