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Esther is the leading English speaking Personal Trainer in Israel. She graduated from Wingate college in 2010 and has now been working in the field for over 10 years. She lives in Israel with her husband and 2 kids. In addition to her online business, she has traveled worldwide giving different fitness classes, speeches, meeting different celebrity trainers, and has even been featured on billboards all over Israel. She now runs the highly popular online workout program called LIFESTYLE, in which she trains over 200 women daily. Her goal is to spread fitness, health and empowerment to women all over the world.



Creator of Esther Taub Fitness


She puts a massive focus on the physical AND MENTAL side of fitness, and making her content and workouts as relatable (and comical;) as possible. She believes in the “real life” mindset and is known for spreading the following message: “We aren’t robot machines doing workouts, we’re humans”. She is a believer in body positivity/neutrality and putting her client’s health goals above physical goals. Throughout her 10 years in the field she has helped thousands of women worldwide with changing their mindset from working out/eating healthy in order to PUNISH the body, and instead working out in order to celebrate the body


She encourages communication! Please never hesitate to reach out to her! It makes her day:)


The LIFESTYLE subscription is a highly popular elite online workout program through which hundreds of women have changed their lives. If you are looking to mend your relationship with fitness or food, this is the place for you LIFESTYLE is designed to help you become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. It’s a (much cheaper) replacement to a gym membership - meaning once you subscribe to the program, you will receive 3 NEW workout videos every single week.


The equipment I recommend you have for the program is two sets of dumbbells; a “heavy set” as well as a “lighter set” (for example a 2Kg set and 4Kg set). 


The program is fit for ALL FITNESS LEVELS. There is a trainer showing the modified version of every single exercise throughout every workout video.


There is also a “LIFESTYLE kids” section in the program where your kids/nieces/nephews are able to join you for a whole series of “mommy & me” super fun family friendly workout videos.


In addition to all this, there is an option to UPGRADE your regular Lifestyle subscription, and recieve access to the detailed high end PREGNANCY & POSTPARTUM series, which takes you through your entire pregnancy covering workout videos for all 3 trimesters, your/your baby’s health, pelvic floor strengthening, prenatal yoga, pilates, and guidance and preparation for a safe birth. (The pregnancy track is available for purchase SEPARATELY from the regular Lifestyle program for 249NIS(75USD) per month for 12 months, OR as a COMBINED package with the rest of the regular LIFESTYLE program, for 299NIS(93USD) per month for 12 months). Once you purchase the pregnancy track you have it FOREVER, even after your payments finish, as it is a lifetime purchase. 


Lastly, there is also a private LIFESTYLE Facebook group, where you will receive guidance, daily motivation and check-ins from me, bonus workouts, bonus recipes, live videos, and support from all the other women who are part of the LIFESTYLE program as well. 


The full year subscription (without the pregnancy track) comes out to 249NIS (75USD) per month, and you are only charged once a month (Also, let’s say you buy it on June 16th, you will always be charged the 249NIS on the 16th of the month) 


A massive perk that separates the Lifestyle program from any other workout program out there: 

You will very soon see how much of priority you and your health are for me. You are able to message me whenever you like with any questions you’d like. You will ALWAYS have me, your virtual personal trainer right there in your pocket to answer all your Qs/tips/advice/motivate you etc at all times


Join the hundreds of women that have changed their lives for the better!!

Let's cover what is included in each of the LIFESTYLE tracks!


The REGULAR LIFESTYLE program includes:

•3 brand new weekly workouts for all fitness levels.

•Meal guide & recipe library (60+ healthy recipes)

•The Lifestyle Kids series. 

•Access to the best Private Facebook support group literally ever;)

•Direct messaging with me for support, literally whenever you want!!!

•Cost: 249NIS. You are only charged once a month.




•Everything mentioned above that is included in the Regular Lifestyle program PLUS:

Any single question or workout you can think of regarding fitness and pregnancy/birth/postpartum/recovery? We’ve got it covered:

Detailed high end Pregnancy workout series covering all 9 months of a pregnancy with educational videos, 30 HD pregnancy-safe follow along videos, including prenatal yoga, pelvic floor strengthening, preparation guide for birth AND a detailed high end POSTPARTUM series; which includes 3 months of detailed workout videos bringing your body safely back into the fitness world + pelvic floor & core rehabilitation in every way you can imagine.

20 HD postpartum-safe workout videos for all 3 stages of postpartum (C-section safe as well!!),Detailed educational videos

,Rehabilitation, Diastases recti correction, Prolapse, Sciatica back pain videos and so much more.

Pelvic floor strengthening & relaxing videos, Back pain relief guidance videos, Access to the private LIFESTYLE Facebook support group. The postpartum section of this series is designed to be that “missing puzzle peice” that a woman needs after giving birth and before returning to her regular workouts.

Cost of the Lifestyle PLUS Pregnancy & Postpartum series: 299NIS per month;) You are only charged once a month.


Every one of the workouts were carefully designed to make you feel like you have your very own personal trainer with you in your living room. Busy schedule? The workouts are only 18-25 minutes long, and are follow-along HD videos that you can do anywhere and on any device, worldwide. 


The program also includes a detailed high-end MEAL PLAN and meal plan guide which consists of daily food intake schedules as well as over 60 healthy and delicious recipes. 

"I'm the strongest I've ever been. I cannot recommend the LIFESTYLE program enough!!!!"
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